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How to Sell Your Property at Auction

Sell Your Property for the Highest Market Driven Price Within 30 Days

How to SellIf you are considering auctioning your property, the first step is to contact us! During our initial conversation with you, we will discuss your property and needs, and obtain the information necessary for us to conduct a preliminary assessment of whether your property is a good candidate for a Blackstone Auction. If your property appears to be a suitable candidate, then during our next conversation, we will discuss the property in greater detail and we will present the various options we offer and answer any questions you may have. At this point, if we agree to represent the property, then we will present you with a Blackstone Auction Agreement.

Custom Marketing Plan – Once the agreement is signed, then our marketing professionals will develop a campaign specifically designed to shine a spotlight on your property.  A successful luxury home auction involves a multifaceted campaign, including direct mail, email marketing, print and online advertising placements, social media impressions, and a well conceived public relations plan.  Most importantly, auction advertising will be placed in the mediums that are best suited for your property type, which will result in the most interest from potential bidders and will ultimately maximize your home’s value.

Project Manager Provides Progress Reports – Once we begin putting the campaign into action, a Blackstone project manager will be your single point of contact and serve as a liaison to our entire firm. The project manager will visit your property so that he or she can provide our firm with all of the information needed to carry out a successful campaign. During the period leading up to the auction, printed materials, advertisements, web marketing and other media will saturate the appropriate target market. Every detail, from the brochures and signs to the auction event execution, will be carefully implemented to ensure a smooth and successful sale. Throughout the entire campaign, you will be provided with weekly update reports that track our progress.

Showing Schedule for Prospective Bidders – The showing period for your property commences two weeks prior to the auction sale date. During this time, our experienced staff will be assigned to your property to ensure that prospective bidders enjoy ample opportunities to tour and appreciate the property and to conduct their due diligence, while providing the property information and access necessary to assist potential buyers in that endeavor.

Closings within 30 Days of Auction – These efforts will culminate with the Blackstone auction event itself. On sale day, pre-registered bidders will begin checking in one hour prior to the designated auction start time. Blackstone representatives will circulate among the bidders to answer questions before the auctioneer explains the terms of the auction. Before the live auction begins, the auctioneer will provide an example of the bidding process to familiarize the audience with bid calling. Once the live auction takes place and the winning bidder is recognized, Blackstone will meet with you and the successful bidder to sign a contingency-free purchase and sales contract.  The closing will take place within thirty days of the auction date, on the prearranged date and time set for closing.

We recognize that there is not any advertising as potent as satisfied clients, so we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by selling their properties within a predetermined time-frame for the highest possible market driven price.